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Dog Training Services Minneapolis

Puppy & Dog Training Classes

Off leash puppy classes & dog classes filled with fun and learning you'll RAVE about.

In Home Dog Training Mpls

In Home Dog Training

Puppy & dog training with a dog behavior expert at your home or out in the world.

Go Anywhere Dog™ eCourse

Go Anywhere Dog e-Course

Learn the Go Anywhere Dog system for a well behaved & socially savvy dog.

Puppy Class & Adult Dog Classes

Off leash puppy & dog training classes filled with loads of fun & learning.  Go Anywhere Dog™ eCourse and Facebook community included with every class.

Puppy Class Minneapolis

Puppy Class & Social

Get started with Puppy Class right away!  Begin here for puppies under 18 weeks old. Positive reinforcement training with your puppy's development in mind.

Dog Training Class Minneapolis

This is your 1st class for puppies and dogs over 18 weeks of age.  Teaching obedience and social skills.

Dog Training Classes Mpls

Level 2
Dog Training Class 

Time to build skills for good manners & social savvy, preparing your dog to go anywhere with you.  Magic Mat, By My Side, plus much more.

Canine Good Citizen Class Minneapolis

Canine Good Citizen
Therapy Dog Prep

Dreams of therapy dog, emotional support dog or trustworthy companion?  This class is essential with more fun in store.

Dog Tricks & Talent Class Minneapolis

Tricks & Talent
Dog Training Class

We believe every Go Anywhere Dog needs some tricks up their sleeve! Learning through fun and play. Show off your pooches special talent.

In Home
Dog Training

Does your dog have a specific behavior issue that you need help with? Unable to participate in group class due to your schedule or your dog’s behavior? In home dog training offers you a custom training plan & personal 1:1 assistance at your home or out in the real world.

In Home Dog Training Mpls

Let's fix your puppy & dog behavior problems with a solid plan executed at your home or out in the real world where the problem happens. 

Puppy Boot Camp Minneapolis

In Home
Puppy Boot Camp

Our experts come to your puppy building life skills for a well mannered and socially savvy dog. Puppy socialization outings included.

Go Anywhere Dog™ eCourse

Don't let a busy life get in the way of you reaching all your dreams with your dog!  A Go Anywhere Dog™ depends on you having the knowledge and a solid understanding of your dog. How you handle the inevitable naughty behaviors with your dog has great impact on your dog's social skills.  Learn the Go Anywhere Dog™ system and reach your personal doggy dreams.

Minneapolis Dog Training Services

Go Anywhere Dog eCourse

Learn a simple, fun and effective system for raising a well mannered and socially savvy dog.

What is a Go Anywhere Dog?

Meet your Dog Life Coaches Jody & Jeannie! Find out if the Go Anywhere Dog training programs are best for you & your dog.

Go Anywhere Dogs™ are socially savvy & well behaved dogs participating in any of the following:

  • Family Dog
  • Doggy Daycare
  • Dog Parks
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    Dog Friendly Restaurants
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    Dog Travel
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    Therapy Dog
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    Emotional Support Dog
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    Dog Friendly Breweries
Go Anywhere Dog™ Mpls, MN
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Go Anywhere Do​​​​g™ together!

Let's get your dog motivated to do the right things.  Let's achieve leash walking skills which will make you want to get out with your dog more.  We'll get you in the know of all the fun games you can play with your dog.  And let's ensure you know exactly what to do when your dog struggles.  Join us and Let's Do This!

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  • Twin Cities MN Certified Puppy & Dog Trainers | Go Anywhere Dog™

    Team Go Anywhere Dog™ Twin Cities dog trainers are ready to become a part of your journey to having the relationship of your dreams with your new puppy or dog. We each bring something special to the ‘dish’ that will make your relationship with us a great partnership. From our science based dog training methods to customer support, we are at ‘the ready’ to supply you with the tools you need to enjoy your puppy or dog… even more!

    We saw a need for raising the bar in how we train social family dogs! Passion pulled us out of our corporate careers to a career in puppies and dogs. Our corporate backgrounds put us on a path of seeking out modern best practices for teaching and training dogs that were seen as part of the family. We hit the books hard and pursued a formal education in animal learning theory, applied behavior analysis and how dogs learn.  Now we take our client counseling savvy and in depth knowledge of dogs to help families enjoy a modern lifestyle with the dog they love.

  • A journey of a thousand questions

    Our journey took us over thousands of miles and acres of print. We read books and articles. We went to conferences and seminars. We toured dog parks and visited dog fairs, talking to owners. We heard hundreds of individual stories from bewildered dog lovers who wanted to do the right thing by their dogs, but who also, understandably, wanted their dogs to do the right thing! They just couldn’t find what worked.

    We ran a pet resort in Eagan, MN, working with more than 2,000 customers in family dog training and dog daycare, canine and human. We saw dog behavior up close and in great scale. We watched what motivated them. But just as importantly, we learned about the frustrations loving owners feel about dog training. They needed training that worked in everyday life, not just in a class or training session. They wanted practical solutions, not certificates.

    A journey to discover real answers

    We studied hard with one of the world’s leading experts in positive reinforcement dog training, dog behaviorist Jean Donaldson at the Academy for Dog Trainers. We learned what the science of animal behavior has to teach us about great techniques that work. Not myths or folklore, but fact. The confusion had cleared.Though we’ve found our answers, our journey hasn’t ended. It’s become an everyday mission to make kind, positive dog training clear, straightforward and practical.

    A mission to share our knowledge for Social Family Dog Training

    We know that offering great family dog training is not just about knowledge or technique – though we believe in the importance of both. It’s about how effectively you get both of those across to the people who live with and love those dogs. We’ve found our DogSense, now we want to unleash it; to make it second nature for every loving owner who longs to have a simple, joyful, brilliant relationship with their dog. Will you join us?

    You can rely on Go Anywhere Dog™ Puppy & Dog Training

    It’s always:

    -Tailored to fit your lifestyle


    -Straight forward reward based training

    -Based on sound knowledge of how dogs learn


  • We’re Dog Training Professionals on a Mission

    -To help every dog lover have the kind of relationship with their dog they’ve always dreamed about.

    -To grow rock solid understanding of how dogs learn and what motivates them.

    -To pass on the most successful and kindest puppy & dog training techniques.

    -Most of all, to do our bit to create a world of sociable, happy, confident dogs that are welcome in all the best places.

    Go Anywhere Dog™ is:

    A CODEBREAKER:  Having a great relationship with your dog is all about understanding their behavior and how your dog learns. We unlock the code for you.

    AN INNOVATOR:  We’re continually reading and researching new, safe, kind ways to accelerate dog training. When we get them, we pass them on.

    ON YOUR TEAM:  We know that you love your dog, but we know that doesn’t make the frustration any less intense. We don’t judge. We’re on your side. Always.

    A CHEERLEADER:  Turning tricky, frustrating relationships into lifelong friendships is more than a job for us. There’s nothing better than seeing you succeed. It’s what we love most of all. Whether you’ve joined a Go Anywhere Dog™ in home dog training program, attending our Twin Cities Puppy Classes & Socials or working your way through our online dog training videos, when it all goes right, listen out – you’ll hear our cheer!

    Go Anywhere Dog™ loves:

    KNOWLEDGE:  Facts, evidence, the real deal about how dogs learn, not the myths.

    CURIOSITY:  We’re always on the lookout for smarter, simpler, better ways to help dogs and their humans get along – when we find great, new proven techniques we build them into our program.

    SHARING:  We love to share. Our dog training methods are straightforward and ‘sticky’ and made to share. We tell you why they work as well as what to do. That makes it so much easier to see how they’ll work in your everyday.

    THE HERE, THE NOW AND THE BEAUTIFUL TOMORROW:  Our work is all about where you are now and where you want to go. We don’t do guilt trips. And in case you’re in any doubt, we don’t use force – ever.

    SUCCESS:  We love the process of dog training . But what we love even more is when you no longer need us. Because that’s both happy ending and a whole new beginning.

    Can we make it our mission to help you and your puppy or dog?

    Delivering on the dream takes a little effort. But getting there, we promise, is fun, enlightening and downright life enhancing. We’ve been there on that journey with thousands of dog families. We’d love for you to be one of them.

  • Ron Iverson & Dan Kenward

    Marketing / Support / Videography

    Ron and Dan know how to get us to look at what we do and how we do it in a completely new way, using stories, animation and a big, big helping of humor.

    Their decades of experience in state-of-the art public access programming means they just love to make learning new skills and techniques beautifully simple and compulsively fun. Their creative talent in video production , combined with Jody’s knowledge and expertise in how dogs learn, is the key to unleashing the ‘dogsense’ that lies within every dog lover.

    Ron draws on his background in the corporate telecommunications and hospitality industries where he produced training and internal marketing materials to help employees learn new stuff and get in the mind of their customers, as well as designing incentive programs to encourage them to stick with fresh ways of working.

    Dan has more than 27 years of video production and broadcasting experience behind him. With a BA in Business and Public Administration, he gives the Go Anywhere Dog™ team a solid commercial foundation and his 18 years in the field of nursing give him a strong sense of what helps us adopt new habits and adapt to new regimes.

    Ron and Dan are longtime close friends of Jody and Jeannie since the Go Anywhere Dog™ world was just a glimmer of a dream.

  • Jody Karow, CTC

    Twin Cities Certified Puppy & Dog Trainer & Dog Life Coach

    I’m on a mission to decode how the dogs we love see the world, how they learn and what really gets them motivated so we can transform the way we train them. I won’t rest until we have a world of happy, sociable, confident dogs whose people enjoy every moment of the time they spend with them.

    My journey to Go Anywhere Dog™ started with looking for answers for my own dog, Buddha and brought me into conversation with thousands of bemused, confused and frustrated dog parents who wanted to do right by their dogs, but equally wanted their dogs to do the right things and had failed to find consistent workable answers.

    Now, along with Team Go Anywhere Dog™, we’re bringing together more than 10 years experience in the pet industry with a strong background in the technology development industry to launch a whole new approach to dog training.  Since 2007 I have been counseling and training both dogs and people, guiding them in achieving better lives together.

    My business background in technology convinced me of the force of simple, smart communication to transform the way we do things. My experience with dogs and their guardians, dog professionals and rescues convinced me of the need to look at training with fresh eyes – the dog’s. The Go Anywhere Dog™ approach is based on how our dogs view the world, what influences their behavior and how to motivate them so training becomes a pleasure, not a power struggle.

    I’ve enjoyed my work as dog training and behavior consultant for Safe Hands Rescue in Minneapolis, MN and resident dog expert for PetChatz headquartered in Burnsville, MN. I founded a state of the art dog daycare, serving over 2,000 dogs and their guardians and continue to consult with dog daycares nationwide on how to enrich environments for the dogs in their care and use effective rewards and motivators to improve behavior. I’m also a very proud graduate & certified by Academy for Dog Trainers, one of the world’s best dog behavior and training programs taught by Dog Behaviorist & Author Jean Donaldson.  Go Anywhere Dog™ offers local Puppy Training Programs in the Twin Cities MN & virtual Dog Life Coach Programs worldwide.

    Born and raised in Minnesota. A resident of the beautiful rolling hills in Eagan, MN for the past 15 years. You’ll find me frequenting our local dog parks and dog events, enjoying activities at our many Minneapolis lakes, shopping fantastic local stores at 50th & France in Edina & enjoying deck time with family and friends. I love life in the Twin Cities and am a proud Minnesota girl.

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